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Lines of action of the Chair  EspaolValenci

In response to the objectives set out in the creation rules of the Chair, its performance should be directed towards a double slope:

a) Research actions

Traditionally the Misteri investigations have focused on its historical, musical, literary or liturgical aspects. The Chair should continue with these lines of work, consolidating their main contributions, however, its work must go further, pushing the opening of new fields.

In this sense, are targeted as relevant areas not analyzed so far as follows:

- Mechanichal aspects

This novel field includes the study of the mechanical elements used in the representation of the Misteri. It does not refer just to a mere scenographic analysis, but a technical investigation from the point of view of the current mechanical engineering study about the mechanisms employed for aerial equipment lifting.

-Economic and legal aspects

A sparsely developed work via so far affects the study of the legal and economic aspects that always have surrounded the sacred-lyrical drama. Linked to this special interest field is the study of economic and financial resources that have traditionally served as the Misteri funding. It is of note that the studies in this field are not confined to the historic area, but that instead they should be lead to the search for new and more convenient forms of management for the Misteri's operation

- Literary and Linguistic aspects

The Misteri as a popular cultural expression is expressed and manifested through a language. The study of the Festa linguistic resources must greatly address the activity of the Chair in articulating the technical resources and the necessary professional means for its realization.

- Fine Arts

There are countless aspects to be analyzed by scholars in this area. Painting, sculpture and any other artistic manifestation around the Elche drama must be especially focused by the Chair.

- Anthropological

People from Elche are the protagonist of the Misteri. They have barely studies on anthropological manifestations of the Festa and its impact in Elche society. Doubtless this is a study crucial field in order to understand the origins and the survival of this representation to the present day.

b) Dissemination actions among the University community

The Chair must focus on the dissemination of the Misteri among members of the University Miguel Hernández. It is necessary that our University community knows the Misteri and understand its meaning. For this purpose the Chair proposes the Organization of various activities such as call for prizes, exhibitions or summer courses.

Proyecto realizado con la colaboración del Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes y Extensión Universitaria
Diseño y programación por David Rojas